You should change these 6 things in the household much more often

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Danger! Especially in the household, some things need to be replaced much more often than you think. In this article you will find out exactly which six things are involved.

Whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the living room: there are things in our household that we simply use very often. But the more often you use something, the faster it wears out – and especially with household items, there is a risk that germs and bacteria will collect and the item will become a potential health hazard. We’ll tell you which things you should pay particular attention to and replace regularly.

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You should change these 6 things in the household regularly

1. The toilet brush

Just like a toothbrush, the toilet brush collects a lot of bacteria over time. That’s why the toilet brush should be replaced about every 3 months – and not just when it breaks or looks disgusting. Otherwise, you may scrub the bacteria right back in during cleaning.

2. The power strip

A socket strip to which we plug in laptops, mobile phones and televisions? Excellent! But if this is not measured at appropriate intervals, there can be a risk of a short circuit or cable fire, which could be very dangerous. Multiple sockets should therefore be completely replaced at least every two years .

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3. The cutting board

You might think cutting boards will last forever. But that is deceptive! Here, too, a real source of germs for bacteria can develop over time. Food leftovers (e.g. vegetables, meat and fruit) always get inside through the cuts in the wood or plastic. And they can then no longer be removed so easily and offer a great place for bacteria. How often the board should be replaced depends on the material. However, if the cutting board is heavily criss-crossed by (deep) furrows, it’s high time.

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4. The bike helmet

Our bicycle helmet also has an expiry date. Even if you can’t see any damage from the outside, almost all materials start to age over time. This makes the plastic brittle and loses its protective effect. That’s why you should replace your bicycle helmet every three to five years .

5. The vacuum cleaner filter

Not only the vacuum cleaner bag should be replaced every 4 to 6 months , but also the filter inside. Dust and dirt collect there too – if the filter is replaced properly, this extends the durability and performance of the vacuum cleaner.

6. The dish sponge

The sponge is often only changed when it no longer looks nice. We should change that immediately! The sponge has to be replaced every week . In order not to reinforce germs and bacteria, the sponge should be washed out well after each use and dried in a clean place.

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