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Ensuring the security of his home is a duty for any owner. In order to achieve this, several solutions are possible. Home alarms are a preferred option for optimal home protection. They allow you to sleep in peace and especially to travel without any anxiety. How can you configure your home alarm system before going out?

Activate your alarm via the keypad

This configuration means offers two activation possibilities to the owner. It is possible to use the keypad keys or a badge directly to activate the mechanism. To begin with, you must check all the entrance doors to the house. The goal here is to ensure that they are in good working order before triggering the alarm system. The device must then be set to “Total” mode. Unlike partial mode, this enables all the alarm signals present in the house to be activated.

The configuration will be validated by the code directly or using the badge. Once this step has been carried out, a green light signal confirms the activation of the device. It is important to configure the exit delay beforehand. This is the time expected to leave the home before the alarm system is triggered.

Activate your alarm remotely

For remote activation, it is possible to do it using a remote control or your smartphone. Some alarm brands have an Android compatible trigger application. To remotely activate your alarm device, you must be outside the home.

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Using the remote control, it will suffice to click on the “absent” mode to cause a total activation. The triggering of the alarm system is then instantaneous. With the smartphone, more freedom is offered to owners. It is possible to activate the system at any time and regardless of the distance. To achieve this, simply connect to the application of the alarm company.

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After checking the status of the alarm system, it is necessary to select the total alarm mode. For confirmation, the code must be inserted. The system is activated a few seconds later.

Tips for a highly effective house alarm

In order to have full confidence in your alarm system before going out, some tips are useful. First, it is important to check the presence of all the components of the alarm kit. In the event of the absence or disappearance of one of them, it is imperative to contact the security company. There are technical issues that may prevent the alarm from sounding even though it is activated.

It is recommended to do some simulations to ensure that the device operates correctly. Finally, cleaning the keypad of the alarm system is essential for its proper functioning. An accumulation of dust could disturb the device. For this, cleaning with a dry cloth is recommended once a month.

Configuring the alarm system before going out is essential in order to secure your home. It is possible to activate it directly from inside, or to do it remotely using its remote control or smartphone. The locking mode must be total in order to protect all the exits of the house. Finally, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the device in order to ensure its very good functioning.

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