Point Cloud Viewer

Point Cloud Viewer

point cloud viewer

A point cloud viewer is an application that lets you view point clouds in an interactive way. The program typically opens in a new window and features a top-down view of the scene. You can pan and zoom around the scene by using the mouse buttons on either side. You can also tilt the scene by clicking and holding the mouse wheel.

Edificius’s point cloud viewer

Edificius’s point cloud viewer has a user-friendly interface and many useful options. For example, you can rotate the view, zoom in or out, cut sections, and see different views of a point cloud. The viewer also allows you to see the details of the point cloud.


pcplayer is a 3-D point cloud viewer for PC that is designed to visualize point cloud data streams. The software downsamples point data while rendering it, which is done automatically. This does not affect saved points. Another useful feature of pcplayer is its ability to set the center of rotation. This is done through the Computer Vision Toolbox Preferences. There, you can set default behavior and specify the name and value pair for the center of rotation.

Originally, pcplayer was published by the publishing house T&T Media. The first issue was published in the year 1995, with pages that were a lot smaller than the pages today. It was also translated into Swedish, and published in the country during the late 1990s. Eventually, the magazine was bought by Egmont and redesigned. In April 2001, the magazine rebranded itself. In the same year, it launched a new website.

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