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The dream of being able to fly like a bird is as old as mankind itself. Thanks to inventions such as the hot-air balloon, the helicopter and the glider, it is now possible to soar to lofty heights, but something crucial is missing: the wind to feel on the skin and in the hair and to experience the feeling of infinite freedom. This is exactly what is possible with paragliding or paragliding. The fun sport is a must for all those who want to be very close to heaven. We offer you the opportunity to try paragliding yourself. With us you will find numerous experiences in the field of paragliding, which ensure unforgettable moments and are also suitable as original gift ideas for loved ones in your environment.


The English term “paragliding” and the German equivalent “gliding” mean the same thing. What is meant is sailing with a paraglider, also called “paraglider” in Austrian, which consists of a two-layer wing made of coated nylon. This section is called the cap. It is divided into several chambers, the arrangement of which in the direction of flight gives the paraglider certain aerodynamic properties. As the air flows in at the front, the paraglider gains lift. At the bottom of the sail are several lines that end in the harness and connect it to the wing. This is a type of seat in which the pilot sits. There are several ways to steer the paraglider in the air, for example by shifting the weight or using one of the two steering lines. While skydiving is about opening the chute and getting close to the ground, i.e. “falling”, the goal of paragliding is to stay in the air as long as possible and to use the thermals. Once you have tried paragliding, you will never forget the experience. Dare and dare to embark on an adventure that will literally open up new horizons for you!


“No master has fallen from the sky yet!” This saying also applies to paragliding, because paragliding requires some practice. With us you will find all kinds of offers, from taster courses to tandem flights with an experienced flight instructor, which are perfectly tailored to beginners.

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Our top 3 paragliding experiences for beginners:

1. Paragliding taster course

In this course you will learn interesting facts about paragliding in theory and you can implement what you have learned in the subsequent practical part. You practice taking off and try your hand at your first smaller flights. Experienced professionals are by your side all the time, giving you useful tips and making sure that you perform all movements correctly. The event takes place in groups, so that you can exchange ideas with the other participants at any time.

  • Basic course for high-flyers ✔
  • Worth knowing about paragliding in theory and practice ✔
  • Accompanied by professionals ✔

2. Paragliding tandem flight Switzerland

If you prefer not to make your first attempts alone, you have the option of taking part in a tandem flight. Paragliding in tandem means that you take a seat in a two-seater with a pilot. While the professional directs you both through the air, you can enjoy the flight carefree and marvel at the breathtaking landscape.

  • For everyone who likes to let go ✔
  • Paragliding in tandem with a trained pilot ✔
  • Great views of the beautiful Swiss countryside ✔

3rd weekend paragliding course

This two-day course gets you down to business! You will be instructed in theory and safety techniques, you will practice taking off, landing and steering and you will be guided by instructors the whole time. The minimum age is 14 years, so that the weekend course is ideal as a gift for confirmation, for example.

  • 2-day intensive course in paragliding ✔
  • For beginners who want to know ✔
  • Supervision by experienced instructors ✔


Launching with a paraglider can be a real experience in itself. It’s not just about jumping off a hill and hoping the winds will carry you away. With us you will find single flights and paragliding flights in tandem with some spectacular starts that make paragliding an even more exciting experience. By the way: If you are interested in paragliding, maybe ziplining is something for you, where you can zoom through the air on a cable winch.

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Our top 3 paragliding experiences with exciting starts:

1. Paragliding tandem flight with ski start

You love skiing and would like to try paragliding? At this event you can have both. You glide down a slope on skis, pick up speed and then take to the air with a paraglider. Paragliding takes place in tandem, which means you fly with a trained pilot. If you wish, you can steer it yourself or even fly manoeuvres. During the tandem flight you can enjoy the view of the snow-covered mountain landscape in beautiful Switzerland.

  • Skiing and paragliding combined ✔
  • Paragliding in tandem with an experienced pilot ✔
  • Picturesque winter landscape in the mountains ✔

2nd paragliding flight with winch start in the Paderborn area

One way to get airborne with a paraglider is the winch launch. This variant is mainly used in the lowlands. In contrast to the classic mountain start, the paraglider is pulled up using a cable winch. When the maximum flight altitude is reached, the rope and the parachute are separated by a release and the pilot can continue flying. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to climb a mountain in advance. Together with a professional you will be pulled to an altitude of 500 to 600 meters and can then feel as free as an eagle.

  • Paragliding without the arduous ascent ✔
  • Winch towing up to 600 meters ✔
  • Paragliding in tandem ✔

3. Paragliding thermal flight

When thermalling, high and wide flights are pre-programmed. This is a variant of paragliding that takes advantage of warm, rising masses of flight. When the ground warms up, especially in summer, the warm air that the pilot uses to gain altitude rises. It always looks for and finds new thermals, which makes particularly long flights possible.

  • Flying in warm summer winds ✔
  • Flights of up to 1 hour possible ✔
  • Tandem paragliding ✔


You don’t want to dare the adventure of your life alone, but want to share the experience with your sweetheart? No problem! On our couple flights, you climb into the air at the same time, can feel wild and free together and then happily hug. Tip: The event is a great gift for couples, for example for an anniversary or wedding anniversary.

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Our top 3 paragliding experiences for two:

1. Couple flight with 2 paragliders

In this experience, you can wave to your significant other in the air, as she will be flying very close to you. You both undertake a tandem flight, which you start at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to experience the flight just like the other. Your pilots sit behind you, steer the paraglider and finally bring you back safely to the ground.

  • For 2 who would like to take off ✔
  • 20 minutes paragliding in tandem ✔
  • An experience that welds together ✔

2. Couple flight with 2 paragliders in France

Already during the drive up the mountain and at the sight of the sensational panorama, the first tingling in your stomach sets in – but it gets even better. At the latest when you and your better half take off in quick succession, take off and swing into the air, adrenaline kicks and pure feelings of happiness are the order of the day.

  • Together towards the 7th heaven ✔
  • Tandem flight with experienced pilots ✔
  • Breathtaking mountain scenery ✔

3. Couple flight with 2 paragliders

Beautiful nature awaits you and your companion in the beautiful country, which you can admire extensively during your tandem flight. Together with trained pilots, you will take to the skies one after the other and experience what it means to be free. The pros steer the paraglider in such a way that you can occasionally see and wave at each other.

  • For lovebirds ✔
  • Paragliding in tandem ✔
  • Experience freedom and togetherness ✔

If paragliding is not really your thing, you will find many other experiences with us that might suit you better. Water rats get their money’s worth with surfing and kayaking, while climbing enthusiasts can work off a visit to the high ropes course. We have something suitable for every taste.

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