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Relaxation is characteristic of all types of human activity. So, after long months of hard work, even space workers still known as cosmonauts are entitled to their moment of relaxation. To do this, NASA, the umbrella structure for all space expeditions around the world, may decide to organize a party for its astronauts as well as for outsiders. The organization of a party by NASA is unique and allows you to familiarize yourself with life in space.

By decorating the frame of the party well

When planning a party, NASA first thinks of decorating the walls of the room. It is done in a blue tone. It can be dark blue, midnight blue, or even light blue. This color represents the sky. This wall decoration can be made with a sheet. To adorn the sky, you need pretty garlands in the shape of stars. Above all, don’t forget the moon and the rockets. Floating balloons can represent them well. As for the planets, they can be represented with red, yellow or orange honeycomb balls.

By properly decorating the astronaut party table

The decoration of the table must be done in perfect harmony with the wall decor. For dark wall decor, choose a silver, gold or white table cloth. On the other hand, if the decoration of the wall is light, then a black or dark blue colored tablecloth is suitable. You can also choose to decorate the tablecloth with a table runner representing the constellation in orbit for the party.

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By preparing and sending the “NASA Party” invitations

For total success of a “party in space”, the invitations to be sent to the guests are personalized. This allows the host to build their team of astronauts in advance. A letter with the words “invitation from NASA” with rocket-shaped envelopes can also be sent. To make it big, guests may be asked to bring their cosmonaut suits.

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By adopting a good plan to conquer space

The crowning glory of a party organized by NASA is the games or missions. Any space conquest begins with a prior determination of the missions to be accomplished by the cosmonauts. Then, you have to think about the places of entertainment. These are the places where the missions or activities will take place. A living room or a terrace can act as a “Space Control Base”.

By defining the missions to be assigned to cosmonauts

Missions during a NASA party relate to different activities and games related to space. This could be, for example, the mission “Candy from Space”. It consists of attaching candies with a string and making them descend from the ceiling. The mission of the astronauts is to taste the candy that floats without touching them with the hand. During a NASA party, you can also take on missions like Destroy Aliens or Hide Treasure.

When organizing a NASA party, use wall decor and a table in appropriate colors. Also, the invitations are sent by personalized letters.

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