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Our pet dogs mean everything to us, from being a reliable housemate to our best buddy and protector, there’s almost no role they don’t fit into. This is why we panic if they get missing. Creating a lost dog poster is the best way to help with the search, and it’s a good thing there are several tools that allow us to easily do this today. Which lost dog poster maker to choose to find your pet?

Do missing pet posters work?

When your pet gets missing, your options are very limited since you can’t exactly pick up the phone to call or plead with it to return home. At that point, there’s little you can do order than hope it returns. However, there are steps you can take to increase the chances of finding your lost dog. One of the best ways is through missing pet posters, and yes, they work.

The idea behind a missing pet poster is that it helps raise awareness in the suspected community. Placing missing pet posters around helps let people know that your pet is lost, therefore, creating a subconscious search that kicks in whenever a stray dog passes by. Making a pet poster is a good idea, as long as it includes all the right details. Over the years, a lot of missing dogs have been found through that model. The most important details include:

  • A clear and bold picture of the dog;
  • Your contact address;
  • The dog’s name;
  • Exact last seen spot;
  • Reward (if any).

In addition, the advancement of technology has made it so much easier for you to make a missing poster. You can simply make use of a lost dog poster maker and be done in a matter of minutes. These makers already have template designs, leaving you to only provided the necessary details, adjust it to your taste if you wish, and then print it out for distribution.

Top dog poster makers to use for your missing pet

There are a lot of options to choose from on the internet today when trying to create a dog poster. Each of these makers come with different templates and designs to choose from. Here are some of the top platforms to use:

Canva. com

Arguably the most popular online design platform, Canva has an inexhaustible number of templates cutting across several needs. It is very intuitive, easy to use, and allows you to customize each template as you deem fit. You can find professionally designed lost dog poster templates on the site, which are also available for free download after customization.

Postermywall. com

Postermywall allows you to create a lost dog poster on the go and in a matter of minutes. It is very easy to use and contains a good number of professional templates to choose from. All you need to do is to simply visit the site and get started. Also, you can choose to start from scratch instead of using a template.

Search. petfbi.org

This lost dog poster maker makes it a little easier for users by giving out a form to fill. On filling the form, the details of your dog are automatically loaded to your desired template (you would have to choose one beforehand).


Similar to Canva, designcap is a platform that allows you to easily create free lost dog poster in minutes. Simply go through the templates and select what best suits your needs.

Essential tips for finding your dog quickly. 

A dog is more than a pet. He is man’s best friend and when he gets lost, it is normal to feel sadness and anxiety. But don’t despair if you don’t know how to do when a dog is lost. Several solutions are available to you through the following paragraphs. You only have to test them. 

Declare your loss 

Just like real estate, it is necessary to make a declaration for your lost dog as soon as possible. To do this, consult directly the national registry I-CAD on their official website. Simply enter your pet’s ID and password, then enter your loss report. Once his trail is found, you will be contacted immediately by the authorities. If your dog is not listed in this directory and therefore cannot be identified, notify as soon as possible the nearby impoundments… However, never give up hope if no one contacts you as soon as possible. The search may take several weeks or even months, but will be successful if you mobilize all the means at your disposal. 

Helping your dog to find you

A dog, like any other animal, can go astray. Especially if you’ve just moved to the area or if he’s not used to being away from his territory. To guide him, don’t hesitate to call him out loud in every alley or corner near your home. It is recommended to repeat this gesture every evening or morning, for a week or more. The sound of your voice, your dog’s toys or your clothes are stimuli that your dog will not resist. You should also know that dogs are quite intelligent and can sense your emotions. If you have inadvertently scolded or chased him in anger, he will naturally shut down. In most cases, his fear will cause him to run away from home. An empathetic gesture on your part, such as the sound of your voice, food or water will bring him back. By doing this and placing objects around your neighborhood, you’ll have a good chance of having him roam around.

What are the steps to prevent your dog’s loss? 

First of all, get your dog used to recall and obey in case he wanders away from your territory. This way, you can let your dog roam because this freedom will be beneficial for his development and well-being. An obedient dog, will not get lost if you initiate him to comeback as soon as his name is called. To prevent him from getting lost, it is possible to equip your dog with a GPS collar. This device will allow you to locate your pet if it moves away. This collar contains a GPS chip connected to your mobile via an application. It is now possible to instantly check its location by geolocation. In addition to the tracking options, this equipment also includes the Clicker reminder functions triggered by a signal or a vibration. But for these to apply, it is necessary to teach the dog to master the clicker recall signals.