How to choose a home insurance for student ?

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Before registering for university, it is recommended to proceed to some research on your future housing. Once the administrative procedures have been completed, you will only have to sign your rental contract. But before that, find out about student housing insurance.

How to choose a student home insurance?

If you’ re not informed, as a student, it is important to take out a home insurance policy for this purpose. Landlords don’t take the risk of leasing their apartment to someone who is not insured. Hence the importance of providing rental risk coverage throughout the contract. Here are the essentials you need to know about this type of insurance, just like home insurance. In the same way, this article provides advice on how to select the mutual insurance company and the offer corresponding to your profile.

For which accommodation is student insurance mandatory?

Leaving home will be an adventure for students, and to avoid difficulties, it is recommended to take out student home insurance before doing so. You should also know that the owner of a rental house will not give you his apartment without a certificate of insurance. Basically, this rule applies to all types of housing, with a few exceptions:

  • Renting a student room on a campus requires home insurance. Your annual fee will, in most cases, be accompanied by various administrative fees;
  • Renting a furnished apartment from an off-campus landlord will require the same coverage to cover damage during the rental period;
  • Renting an unfurnished apartment or a studio will not require insurance if the student already has liability coverage;
  • The building rented as a shared apartment requires at least one guarantee subscribed by one student. However, there is nothing to prevent both students from taking out their own insurance.
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home insurance student: what risks are covered?

According to the type of accommodation and the student’s budget, he/she can subscribe to a basic coverage or a more extensive package. While the first offer protects against rental risks, the second offers a more comprehensive coverage. Here are the different incidents covered by a basic student home insurance:

  • Water damage;
  • Fire;
  • Glass breakage;
  • Explosion;
  • Theft;
  • Electrical damage.

Is there any additional warranty?

The multi-risk plan allows the student to protect himself against any loss that may occur in his rental accommodation. However, depending on the student’s needs, it is possible to subscribe to the following additional offers:

  • Civil responsibility to cover any damage caused to another person;
  • Repetition indemnity to take into account your additional expenses if you have to fail your academic year;
  • The guarantee of your equipment: furniture, computer equipment;
  • Emergency repair in case of technical problems requiring repair: computer equipment, electrical or plumbing installation, material damage in the apartment;
  • Legal protection for litigation between the landlord and the student;
  • Re-equipment following damage to your computer equipment;
  • Civil liability for various activities of your personal lifestyle: for example, coverage against sports risks.                                                                        

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