Where to find flowers in Morocco at rabat ?

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The fact that Morocco has an event called the “Rose Festival” says a lot about the countries value for horticulture. There are thousands of flowers in the country that are majorly grown for their beauty and subsequent tourist attraction to specific states like Marrakech and Rabat. Where to find flowers in Morocco at Rabat? This article addresses that question.

The best flower stores in Rabat

It’s no news that Rabat is an area filled with the practice of horticulture, and consequently, beautiful flowers around the area. However, without knowing where to best the high-quality ones, you would be left disappointed with what is common around. To help out, we have compiled a list of some of the best physical flower stores in the area. They are:

  • Galaxie fleurs aswak essalam
  • Fushia Rabat
  • Marche des Fleurs de Rabat
  • Jardins Moumen
  • Yatout Home Rabat Centre
  • Casa Rabat

You can easily look up any of these stores for their address and phone number, as they are listed on Google.

Flowers morocco Rabat: shop and delivery

Online flower shopping is the channel that most customers prefer, due to the ease of ordering and delivery. Currently, there are several flower services that allow you to order flowers within and outside Rabat. Some top sites you can use for this are:

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Mafleur. ma

Mafleur is a popular flower delivery service site in Morocco with a focus on busy areas around the country like Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Tanger, Agadir, Sale, Mohammedia, Laayoune, and much more. It allows you to browse for flowers according to your specific area, making it easier for the flower to be delivered.

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Worldpetals. com

Worldpetals takes a different turn to Mafleur by offering flower order and delivery services within and outside Morroco. Rabat is one of their strongest areas where they connect with a host of local florists and flower shops. Their flowers are pretty affordable, and packaged well for arrival in perfect condition, and on time. Wordpetals remains one of the oldest and largest flower delivery services in the world, being in existence since the year 2000, and have served over 1 million customers.


You have probably heard of or used flowersin if you regularly make use of online flower order and delivery services. They offer a wide array of flower combinations for different occasions, allowing you to choose as you seem fit. Flowersin is known for its ability to combine all kinds of rose flowers and colors to make a bouquet.


This is another wide online order and delivery flower service. They offer a wide array of countries, across several continents, 900 cities and, of course, the city of Rabat. Flowers4rabat works with a network of local florists to ensure that only the best quality bouquets get to where you want while remaining fresh. They also offer the same-day delivery option too.

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Todayflowers. com

Todayflowers services cover a good number of cities in Morocco, including Rabat. They offer a rapid next-day delivery option when you place your order anytime before 2:00 PM on the previous day. Just like flowersin, todaysflowers specializes in rose flower combinations, giving you the best possible for all kinds of occasions.

Whether you prefer to walk down to the store, or simply place an order online, the city of Rabat has more than enough to satisfy your flower needs.

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