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Clickcease Alternatives

Clickcease is one of the most popular and effective software solutions for Google Ads. It’s a powerful tool for preventing click frauds. Click frauds are a huge problem for Google because they waste approximately 20% of most PPC ads. These fake clicks aren’t helpful for a business because they don’t increase traffic or sales.


If you’re considering Clickcease alternatives, it’s important to choose a service with comprehensive security features. This software can help protect your advertising campaign from malicious traffic and protect your online reputation. It can also help you prevent fraud and monitor your ads. The key difference between Clickcease and Trafficguard is the level of detail that you’ll get with each service. Clickcease provides a basic level of protection, while Trafficguard offers a full-featured security suite.

For smaller businesses, TrafficGuard has a free plan that lets them try the click protection service before paying a dime. This plan offers monitoring, detection, analytics, and reporting for Google Ads. This is a great benefit for SMEs because they can learn more about the product without incurring any costs. However, it’s important to note that the free plan is only available for users who spend under US$2.5k per month on Google Ads.

The click fraud detection feature of ClickCease allows advertisers to see which ads are generating fraudulent traffic. The program blocks ads from the same IP addresses. It also offers email notifications for fraudulent clicks. The pro plan offers the ability to run multiple Google accounts at once. You can use ClickCease to manage your campaigns on more than one device.

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The software has a lot of great features, including a web-based dashboard. The dashboard provides various campaign information, including blocked IPs and the reasons for their blocking. It also shows the clicks, locations, and threat levels. It also lets you see the number of multi-clicks, where they come from, and whether they’re fraudulent. It can help you identify fraud and improve your conversion rate with these features.

Another key benefit of Clickcease is that it monitors your ads round the clock and alerts you if any clicks on your ads are fraudulent. This means that you can save money on advertising because of the decreased risk of fraudulent clicks. Moreover, you can get discounts and refunds if you discover illegal activity on your ads.

ClickCease is one of the best click fraud prevention tools available. The software costs as little as a single click and is great for businesses that lose money to fraudulent clicks. It also allows you to re-build your ads for better conversions. If you’re worried about fraudulent clicks, you can also contact Clickcease’s customer support team to get a full refund.


Clixtell is a click fraud detection solution that is a must-have for big corporations and small/medium-scale enterprises. The company’s tools allow you to combine the best practices in click fraud detection and prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of your website. A free trial is available, and you’re not obligated to buy the service.

The company was founded in 2014 and acquired by cybersecurity company CHEQ AI Technologies in 2020. As of February 2019, the software is responsible for protecting over 2 million PPC campaigns across the world. It is highly regarded for its ease of use and functionality and has received high reviews on popular review sites.

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Clixtell’s click fraud detection solution has the capability to stop fraud attempts before they run and secure your PPC budget. It works by scanning every website visit and blocking attempts to attack your campaigns. Moreover, it is very user-friendly and works around the clock. And unlike Clickcease, Clixtell is completely legal.

Clixtell’s 360-degree vista of your marketing campaigns enables you to track and optimize your PPC campaigns. It also includes advanced features for tracking calls and conversions, which help you improve your ROI and customer retention. It is estimated that 20% of all PPC budgets will be wasted on click fraud in 2021. Using Clixtell’s Google Ads click fraud protection software, you can block bogus clicks and stop your competitors from wasting your advertising cash.

Clixtell Lifetime Deal

When looking for a good click fraud protection tool, there are several good options available. These tools can help protect you from click fraud, but the choice is not always easy. Some options are better than others, while others are more expensive. The best solution for your needs depends on your budget and the needs of your business.

Many people like Clixtell, but some are not so sure. They find the advanced analytics invaluable for spotting scammers and bad guys. This tool can also help you learn who are your regular visitors and who are not. In addition, the analytics feature lets you know when your clicks are invalid and which ones are fraudulent. Although the customer support is not the best, it’s easy to set up rules and enable integrations with just a few clicks. Nevertheless, some people find the monthly subscription price fair.

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