What is as400 software for accounting ?

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The use of accounting software within a company is essential. Indeed, he ensures the management of the company by monitoring its accounting data. It also helps reduce the risk of recording errors. There are many accounting software. In this article, you will be introduced to a type of accounting software, namely AS400 software.

AS400 software for accounting

In accounting, AS400 software automates a company’s accounting processes. It is used to manage the financial data of a company. This accounting software is easy to use and is used by all businesses. However, AS400 accounting software is highly recommended for small and medium businesses. Given their size, it gives them the means to manage their accounts effectively on a daily basis.

Used in a business, this financial tool helps manage orders, purchases, analyze sales and more. AS400 software has within it a system capable of managing and controlling a company’s inventory.

How useful is AS400 accounting software in a business?

AS400 accounting software allows you to manage and protect your company’s accounting process. In other words, entering accounting data is simple, fast and automatic. In this software, financial information can always be changed after it has been entered. This tool also helps reduce errors when recording for different invoices. This financial software alleviates the work of the accountant and thus saves him time because the registrations are automated.

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In addition, users of this tool can access recorded information at any time, such as monitoring payments. This software also ensures the creation of charts of accounts, customer invoices, etc. All financial information archived within the software is secured on a database. To ensure that nothing is lost in the management of your business, let your business dashboard manage all operations.

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What are the characteristics of AS400 accounting software?

AS400 accounting software has several features that facilitate its use. The AS400 accounting tool allows its users to make personalized settings depending on the nature of the accounts, the level of analysis and the analytical plan. This software also allows you to customize the automatic creation of general writing diagrams. AS400 also guarantees personalized access to the various functions according to the levels of use.

This software also gives an overview of your company’s financial statements and gives you financial expense reports. It also provides support for several banks and several currencies. Also, it promotes the management of third parties by querying third-party accounts with sorting by general account or by third-party account.

You know some information about AS400 accounting software. Feel free to use it to manage your business financial information.

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