How much do and advertising agency charge for web design services ?

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For those who aren’t in the web business, you’ve probably wondered how much a web design project done by an advertising agency would cost. Here is more useful information about it.

A web design could cost the same as a car

This might be a bit of a wacky and crude concept, but it’s pretty straightforward to avoid getting into big explanations. The cost of a website depends on the advertising agency and the type of site you would like to order, the options you would like to have, and the services you want when completed. Making a comparison between the price of a car and that of a website gives a clear idea of ​​the prices of a website. You can have websites that can go anywhere from $ 500 to $ 50,000, depending on who does it and how they design it.

Cost of a website in an advertising agency

So that you can really understand in a concrete way, a site does not cost 500 dollars nor 1000 dollars. For the design of a basic site with 5 pages (home, about, service 1, service 2, contact), French – English, without specific features, you need approximately:

  • 15-20 hours for the design, to achieve a result that satisfies you;
  • 4-5 hours to embed content on pages;
  • 10-15 hours for “website programming” and module integration;
  • 6 to 10 hours for “project management”.
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It takes around 35 to 5 hours to design your website. The number of hours is also relative according to web designers, it can be more. You must therefore have an idea of ​​the hourly rate of the agency that will design your website.

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Let’s start with an average price from an agency that practices an aggressive pricing policy, namely $ 50 an hour, and $ 100 an hour for the most greedy agencies. So let’s say that for a design of 35h to 50h, you will need a budget ranging from $ 1750 (35hx $ 50 / h) to $ 2500 (50hx $ 50 / h) and $ 3,500 (35hx $ 100 / h) at $ 5,000 (50 hrs x $ 100 / hr). These prices are for a basic site only.

Prices vary depending on the options requested and the services of the website and the advertising agency doing the design. However, there may be times when the site designer will charge you more for a basic site. Although the price varies depending on the quality of the service, it is not immediately immediate. Site builders are free to charge whatever prices they want, as no law prohibits this. This is why, before ordering the design of your website from an advertising agency, consult the company’s portfolio.

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